Trying to kill a headache…

Ahh, that is feeling better. I pushed the laptop off, and set it on the deck; so I could stretch out. I went by groupings of muscle and bone, shoulder/humerous, wrist/radius/ulna, joints near the hip, twistesquer angles from the knees, and especially around the talus or w/e it is near the ankle. That area around my ankles have always been a spot, especially the right one; I often stretch and “Crack” it at night when I’m really tired. Tensing, easing, tensing, easing; stretching and flexing; rubbing and massaging. Especially down the neck, like in between the shoulder blades, and to the edges.

I tried to combine what I could remember of PMR and T’ai Chi Ch’uan breathing principals, along with a little bit of lessons learned about military exercise. Including an old something that I took to doing many years ago for back/leg pain. Used to spend something like 3-4 hour shopping days being dragged across Wallmart, and the stop/go, stop/go movement of it used to leave me feeling like being run over and dragged. I guess you can blame my mothers shopping for why I pace so much when standing idle lol: I’d rather have aching feet than get my back going. It’s a simple thing involving laying out on the bed, legs up to the wall and meshed with a stretching exercise, that has them coming forward again. As a friend just inadvertently reminded me, it resembles a pair of yoga techniques.

After a good twenty or so minutes of that kind of exercise, *a lot* of it, plus a bit of application to some facial pressure points, my headache started to subside for a bit. I rarely take anything unless my head is really throbbing away or something. With how my stomachs been taking the over-stress, I don’t think I would be helping things with that kinda dose. So I guess old fashioned methods are all I’ve got to choose from :-/.

Now if I could find a way to reroute my stress back to /dev/null, maybe I could have more days without a headache… who am I kidding? *Sigh*