Dixie decked out

Since KateOS was a tad bit disappointing, I booted back into my PC-BSD v1.4 partition and set out to use Window Maker, by far my favorite window manager. I love the look and feel wmaker has but rarely have used it. The main reason I use PC-BSD, is I don’t want to go through the bother of installing/upgrading KDE, given the time involved…. If I used FreeBSD, I’d probably use Window Maker instead of KDE lol.

Here is some initial work,

PC-BSD v1.4, running Window Maker 0.92.0
screen shot hosted on imageshack

I’ve installed docker to gain a system tray, which I have done with Blackbox in the past. And I’ve used wmclock which I find less obstrusive then the wmclockmon program I’ve used in the past. I might experiment with running Window Maker as KDE’s window manager but I don’t mind hacking up my menu hehe.