Play time

About 25:17 woth of downloading later I burnt the disk, install went great but Linux hangs during the boot 🙁

I installed KateOS on my laptop using a spare storage partition. It works great aside from not auto-detecting my Atheros based PCMCIA card with the rest of my hardware. The default Desktop Environment is Xfce4, never used any of the Xfce’s but it’s a dandy GTK+ based one. I found it some one suprising that I had to create my own ~/.xinitrc to be able to log in through the GUI but it was as simple as coping roots to my home directory.

Surprisingly with the exception of Live CD’s, I have never had a Linux Distro that just ‘worked’ with my hardware :. I’ve always had to screw with them to get them work, even in Ubuntu when I tested 6.06 to try Gnome. Although I must admit having to rewrite Ubuntu’s /etc/fstab was not as annoying as Debian and NetBSD telling me I have no hard drive xD

FreeBSD has always worked well for me, except on one laptop. Which I could swear should have been marketed as a ‘Wintop’ lol.

Maybe it’s just a strange twist of fate, I generally get along with FreeBSD/OpenBSD more readidly and vice versa in terms of getting things done.

I must admit, I am tempted to either to use OpenBSD (for the first time with X11) or FreeBSD on the new system. Although I could probably roll my own Linux From Scratch but that’s a tad more time consuming !