A good movie tonight, Night at the Museum. Ma likes to watch new movies but interestingly she never likes them rofl.

I enjoyed it though, much like Eight Legged Freaks it is a good movie to just sit back and let go.

S’no greatest movie ever made but still fun. Even more so for me because I love history! And the Museum of Natural History is probably the only reason I could think to visit New York other then to see the Statue of Liberty. The T-Rex on display, ohh baby would I love to get to see that. Paleontology is a field I would love to be closer to, it has always been very interesting to me, ever since I was a kid. But I don’t think my memory is good enough to even consider such a thing lol.

What I like is it is a family movie, think about it. Whats the best way to watch a film? With Family or with Friends or better yet both !!!