Some how, I think if I was the type for it, I would be stone cold drunk tonight… but as it is, I am sober as a codfish =/ Getting lit never helped any thing and my Families history is enough that it is not a fond concept. Although I must admit, a nice mixture of wodka, rum, and a little lemon juice does sound like an interesting idea.. Oh well, a spider can think lol.

trying to see if I can get QT (and possibly KDE) bindings for Ruby installed, I’ve had no luck with qtruby yet but so far korundum-3.5.5 is doing good, hope I don’t jinx it =/.

That’s not why I feel like getting drunk though, but even if I was that kind of person I’ve got to much crap to get done then to worry about it.

It is strange, how being busy is a two edged sword, in that it does have it’s advantages but it can be so damn exhausting some days !

damn, the build just blew, would be bloody nice if it would tell me *which* library is missing. Oh well, it’s not important. Hmm, what else to work on…