Funky dreams

From taking part in a commando raid on an out post, gone bad….

To being stuck on an Air Craft Carrier in the middle of a typhoon with a very Hot Blonde, and oh yeah how could I forget the dozens of goons with MP5’s trying to steal the ship! Oh well, what is a little adventure on the high sea without a woman that can fight?

All the way to being first mate on a rather super natural pirate ship = Like a cross between the Pirates of the Caribbean and a dark rendition of a old Peter Pan fairy tail.

I must admit, some times I have some very strange dreams.. Normally though it usually involves me coding, playing, or ‘taking a role in’ a Video Game or crack-pot adventure of some sort lol.

A more normal string of dreams for me would include joining the Colonial Marines for a bug hunt with a trusty M41A Pulse Rifle in hand. Once I even dreamed of fighting a Queen Alien one on one afther they took over a school building and chased me down… good thing Predators can make acid proof knifes 😉

I still remember one from many years ago though, rofl After fighting my way through 5y3 hive. I had signed a peace treaty ending the hostilities … and the Queen Alien endpushed me out an airlock xD

I don’t have nightmares but I do have the craziest dreams when I do get any +S