searchlet test level 7

Almost finished my work on npm from early this afternoon.

Took care of getting the mock up to actually search the ports tree for a given string, considering incorporating a simplified version of psearch but I can worry about that later.

Did most of the right view of installed software today, it still has a problem but this is good progress:

Click to enlarge

Some of the listings are screwed up and trigger a TypeError, I know I’m doing some thing wrong some where but not sure where yet…. At the moment I am about ready to hit the hay.

Some future tasks include fixing that, adding a toolbar to the mockup, a place holder (or working) msg display area. And moving on to other mock up’s.

So far, it is not pretty but the mock up is doing quite well. Hopefully fiddling with layout management and spacers will not be to much heartache under QT3 without having to use the Designer tool. Hmm, you know it might even be possible to make things a bit more flexibble rather then choosing one of the mock ups as the basise of the final forms overall appearance.

Any way one slices it though, it is time for BED.