Night module

Unfortunitly it is 0430 and I’ve got to get up early for work :'(

Finally had free time to day to shave off that infernal beard.. After so many months it is kind of nice to be reminded I’m more human the Wookie haha.

Spent tonight doing some light but thoughtful work,

Terry@Dixie$ pwd; /bin/ls -1                                               9:26
Terry@Dixie$ 9:29

I have arranged things from the testing directory to it’s own work dir to clean up. Not to mention to continue work in a more module oriented pattern then the monolith and scratch files I have been using to test the first mock up of the programs UI.

  • dialogs -> will hold code common to user interaction through ‘pop up’ windows.
  • main -> the begining of it all, will probably be wrapped in a shell script
  • neo -> the GUI’s mock up code for the main window, need to split stuff off into sub modules when more work is done.
  • options -> the option subsystem, currently part of a config parser; to be expanded greatly
  • translate -> quick references to tools we will need later (subject to changes)

There is also a .neorc INI file for the testing 🙂

My near-future to do list right now is, in no particular order:

experiment with improving the wrapping paper on pkg_info; regex might be an improvement to the current process what ever the possible speed changes are. It might also be beneficial to look into using a pipe in order to ease start up times.

expanding dialogs into some thing more complete, currently it only has a routine for an error message.

Figure out how we can create a suitable display area for the output of a shell command (such as ‘make’).

I think I could probably do double the amount of work per day on this, if I didn’t have to do it before bed… Which has the bad limit of only being able to do things until my mind gets to the point that I just have got to sleep or the clock passes a point where I need to hit the hay, in order to get enough sleep for work in the morning.

I am lucky though, I’ve had almost 3 day’s off and only light duties tomorrow.