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Last night I was trying to figure out a little bit about trying to display a suitable array of checkboxes for letting the user select the ports options. I checked out the QWidget class, looks like a nice time saver but a bit of over kill for what I need. I’m also sorry to see it’s deprecated in QT4, for the heck of it I started trying to write the examples in the QT4 doc’s for replacing it, in PyQT but I’ve got QT3 C++/Python bindings on my laptop and the same for QT4 on my Desktop so I didn’t have time to finish it completly. I find it rather werid using C++ doc’s for Python but I am starting to get pretty used to working with Python although I think Ruby and Perl handle regular expressions better along side strings. Not sure if QT3 has a Regex Engine le talong if PyQT has it if there is one =/. It is good to know how to use many different languages though.

For right now I’ve been tinkering with getting the checkboxes laid out and displayed, like in the screen shot of my mock up above. It is not done yet but once the mock up is finished I can set to work on doing more; most interestingly integrating it with the more robust code in the alpha directory (yes I’m to lazy to set up CVS for working from one machine).

In the end I’m likely to use QT Designer to take care of it, so it can be made to look nice. And after feeding it through pyuic use that and the mock up to create some thing to work in a more complete version. For right now though I need to get a little rest, it has been a very busy day. I would like to rest a little bit and finish the movie. Then get back to working on this stuff when I’m more relaxed but I am liable to fall asleep… I’m off until like Tuesday so I suppose it doesn’t really matter when I wake up… And a quick run of xgalaga is a good mental re focuser hehe