Zombie cream cheese?

I was dreaming that I was testing a simulator of a huge roller coaster, quite nice but not as good as the real thing; even in dreamland =/

The guys running it left some thing behind when I hopped out and tracked me down later to find it. I told them where I saw it land and tried tot ake them to it.

The only problem was that every thing on display was alive and mighty pissed off…

Dodging zombies, chainsaw packing nutter, and very funky tow-truck from hell among other parrals I managed to get to the simulator but couldn’t get it in time and was forced to retreat… I did acquire a battle ax from one of the creatures on the rampage.

Not scarry, I have not really been scared by any of my dreams in ages. It was just that you can’t stop moving or your toast kind of thing =/

Fleeing to the control room, the operators told me it wasn’t real so I set out. So they set me back out on the quest… Now armed with the battle ax I started cleaving through zombies trying to fight my way through to the simulator.

A battle ax is a very powerful offensive weapon because you can put a lot of force behind it but unlike a sword (which is more my style) you have very little defensive ability… The ax is only good while attacking, if you’ve got to block you are doomed against multiple enemies who other wise would be scared crap less.

The strange thing is the Zombies were made out of cream cheese!! Now I know I’m getting weird dreams lol. Bull dozing the nut with the hocky mask & chain saw and chopping the truck to bits I made it to the simulator and got the thing the operators lost.

Returning back, I heard sounds… as if it was penetrated. Crouching @ the corner and slicing the pie in, I saw no one.. Then found one of the operators hiding; handing over the items (and stupidly the ax!). He sliced me with the ax leaving 2 black streams; like in Spaceballs when they accidentally take out a camera guy during the fight. And I deflated like a balloon. The two operators put on Christmas hats and started to look like elves and walked off.

I really have some crazy dreams eh? That one was like the ending of a good horror book but a bit funky =/

After that… I started to dream some thing else but some thing…. More private then I would like to post in public view… lol. A dream that worries me but is not as strange as my normal dreams. Funny to be saying that rofl :S.

I normally don’t place much meaning on my dreams because they are usually so crazy but this one was one with a straight face.