Prototypes: Tigerstripe and Desert DPM

Many thanks to [SAS]_Sgt_Miles for helping me find my way through the software and to [SAS]_LCpl_Duke for modeling these skins thus each making this preview possible 🙂

Making these skins was not hard but I’m not very happy with the Tigerstripe. Although I do love the Desert one! Two view a larger (1024x768px) version of each image click them and hit ‘full size’ when the pop up opens.


Tigerstripe was used by elite troopers during the Vietnam War at least until they found out that a lot of wear and tear made the material it was often machined from turned colors into some thing that would give away your position =/

The Desert Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) is a British Army camouflage pattern in use since the first gulf war as far as I know. I’m American so the British army is not my specialty lol


SAS Tigerstripe.

I created the SAS Tigerstripe as a prototype skin to test my ability to make a reasonable camo skin based on a fabric pattern. I wasn’t sure how they would come out so I selected two for test, Tigerstripe is some thing that thought about incorporating into my personal skin. But I feel that the quality of this prototype is to low for it to be used in the core skins :'( So I don’t think SAS Tigerstripe will likely get past the prototype phase… Armour comes from SAS Assault – Black Kit, and was designed by [SAS]_Sgt_Miles based on the existing SAS skin. The great face texture is from the contrib;s SoliderMilhaus91 made to the project.

SAS Desert

SAS Desert was a prototype meant to test the validity of making a ‘decent’ Desert Ops skin. It reminds me some what of the costumes used by the actors playing Delta Force operators in the movie Black Hawk Down. When you combine the camo with the vest same vest that [SAS]_Sgt_Miles made for the SAS Assault skins and the same face from SoliderMilhaus91. As far as I know this is the current pattern used by the British Army but I’m a little short of British Army contacts atm to check further then I’ve already done so lol. I expect this skin to make it to the core skins, give or take the heavy armour.

I had originally planned to ship SAS Black, SAS Blue, SAS Green (largely because I liked green xD), SAS Sabre, and a skin for Training Personal (SAS Trainer) as the ‘SAS Assault’ or core skins.

While SAS Black turned out to be pretty freaking awesome thanks to Mile’s work on the vest. The SAS Blue and SAS Green did not come out so good, because they were originally based on the Suspects Old Greens and GIGN light pants…. Not so pretty. SAS Trainer on the other hand I think is ok enough but I don’t particularly care for the mustache on the face textures we’ve used. The SAS Sabre skin is an awesome gray battle suit based on one of our old SWAT3 uniforms and I love it xD

Unless I can make some improvements, SAS Blue and SAS Green are scrapped until further development… SAS Desert will ship once it’s heavy and no armour configurations are ready.

SAS Tigerstripe, currently remains prototype-status… Maybe to be released in the future but I think it is more likely to see some thing based on DPM-95 shipping instead…

If attempts to improve BDU_Tigerstripe.tga are successful, who knows… I love Tigerstripe but for SAS I want good stuff..