Mondays are always tiring… thanks to the holidays that jobs now on Tuesdays until Janurary.. So I’m about ready to pass out.

Been playing with the prototype for configuring a port. Made some changes including actually writing out the options to a file. I also got to poke around at Pythons ways of handling file locking, nice to see that fcntl, flock, and lockf work more or less the same as in C.

At least work tomorrow work should be light and I might actually get home in time to rest.. The down side to having to reserve most of my time spent working on this to after dark, is I can only go about as long as it takes for my brain to crash.. And that is a bit constraining at times. Between a full days work and work the next morning.. Can’t wait for the weekends!

Tomorrow I need to finish work on the prototype and then start integrating it with the rest of the more complete code the day after. In between I’d like to experiment with a few things in QT, migh tbe a little easier to do the tests in C++ but that wouldn’t be totally helpful… hehe.