Sorted my play list for the night, I have a fair system of selection. Using Amaroks file tab, finding each track that matches my listing mood… As usual a mixture of Metal, Rock, Country, and a couple other odds and ends.

Now if my mood… never mind.

Just for the heck of it, I’ll feed my m3u file through a little ruby script I wrote some months back out of boredom; it generates a HTML listing from the file, even has the ability to offer a little more information then this when used with id3lib. It also conveniantly has a switch to suppress the HTML tags that make it a full doc, thus generating output that can be copy/pasted into another HTML file or blog 😉

I think I might actually tweak it a little bit, so it can be used as a filter. I liked working on it because it gave me an excuse to learn a bit of binary because of how I chose to implement it’s differing modes lol.

  1. Breaking Benjamin The Diary Of Jane
  2. Bruce Dickinson River of no return
  3. Cybrogs Montage Track02
  4. Cocaine Blues
  5. Die Toten Hosen The little Drummer Boy
  6. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Ghostriders In The Sky
  7. Daryll Ann Surely Justice
  8. Elvis Presley Johnny B
  9. Folsom Prison Blues
  10. Hinder Lips of an Angel
  11. Hammerfall The unforgiving blade
  12. greenswat
  13. Green Day SeptemberEnds
  14. It Ain’t Me Babe
  15. Jackson
  16. Jeff Wunder Way of the sun
  17. JBJ Santa Fe
  18. Jørn Lande Duke of love
  19. LeAnn Rimes Hurt Me
  20. LeAnn Rimes Clinging To A Saving Hand
  21. LeAnn Rimes Blue
  22. LeAnn Rimes On The Side Of Angels
  23. Michael Gungor GOD Is Great
  24. Manowar Call to arms
  25. Nashville Electric Cooperative You Are Still My Only Love
  26. Nashville Electric Cooperative Where Love Was Born
  27. Pillar Frontline
  28. Pillar Rewind
  29. Sammy Kershaw Little Did I Know
  30. SAS
  31. Wildwood Flower
  32. Wiz July07
  33. Wiz Minimix4