POST, Power On Self Test

luckily I am off for about a week, well as good as off work hehe. So hopefully I’ll have some more time to get things done.

I want to,

work towards getting ‘nco’s task completed…

send Wiz that memo

send GCHQ that other memo

experiment with a custom widget in both C++ and Python / QT3

continue expanding the configuration systems in NPM.

camp out TG#1 and TG#3

enjoy the [SAS] Virtual Christmas Party

For tonight, I’m not sure what I’m going to work on but I’m glad that I don’t need to get up in the morning… I’m also looking forward to the clans big bash, Wiz and Valroe will be DJ’ing so that should be a good pair hehe. It’s also a good thing since this close to Christmas, it’s unlikely to find me or any of my family on the road more then necessary lol.

I also need to start logging into AIM more often, I havn’t gotten to talk to any one lately other then teammates over XFire =/. And since I *hate* phones and the aDSL tends to disconnect when the phone rings, I mostly use Instant Messengering.

“Why the heck did you call me ?”

lol. Unlike phones, IM’s allow some measure of coping with life here and actually getting to talk to some one… Without being deafened or inaudible, or losing the cordless.. hahaha.

I don’t think I would mind phones so much if it wasn’t just a complication of my already insessent multi-tasking.. A clone would be nice, then I could be in two rooms at once rofl. But a clone would probably be as annoyed as I get at it..

As much as I love my family, they can drive me bonkers given a chance +S

Extreme Multi-tasking on the PC and off the PC at the same time can be tricky lol.