Another sleepless night

Did some major clean up to the prototype for configuring build options tonight as well as experimented with a few solutions. I just wish I didn’t have to cram every thing into such a narrow time slot.

The main problem is I’m so zonked out by the time I get to start, I may as well try and code drunk (mm interesting idea… not!).

As hard as I try to get things done my family twarts me at every turn.. It’s like they have some kind of magic radar =/.

During the day, I’d have a better chance of surviving jumping in front of an on comming 18-wheeler then getting stuff done in day light…

At night, I can only work until my brain crashes from lack of sleep.

I can’t even remember the last time I had a good nights sleep any more…

At least for today I’ve managed to get Radio 1 working, although I can play real media in mplayer it konks out after awhile in konqueror.. So I opened it in realplayer rather then keeping the web interface in.

Guess I’ll read some doc’s before I start snoring with my eyes open….