The Christmas party

Ahh today was the big bang bash that is the [SAS] 22 EVR‘s Christmas party 🙂

JB lead the guys in warming up the crowd while stuff was getting set up. Wiz and Valroe DJ’d and I tried to keep an eye on things; a nice SHOUTcast server for the music thanks to Wiz. The clan teamspeak server equipped with a party channel and Lake hosting the group chat on XFire with an average of 10-14 [SAS] Members, Recruits., and Friends around to enjoy the fun all around.

About all that was missing in my humble opinion was the Wine, Women, and Dance floor 🙂

Spent most of the day ‘omni-tasking’ and with a headache but I got to enjoy the party and kick back in TG#1 for some RvS. I think every one had a good time and we probably filled two servers most of the day, think Lake led the SWAT favoring elements of the party on a rampage hehe. I had lunch, chores, tech-check, crowd control, two group chats, and numeris IM’s while trying to game to boot.

I remember after the party Lake put up a quick video of him on the webcam lighting the fire works, ‘This ones for the DJs’ hehe.

All in all, really freaking stressful but quite fun. I hope we do it again next year xD. It was also a lot more docile then the last Christmas Party I was at, where we had a nice ‘friendly’ brawl and I was like “Oh come one” and wound up with some ones knuckles in my teeth — good party though haha. I’m glade I wasn’t the bouncer on that one though =/

Afterwards, a little time to relax watching part of The Hustler (yes I like pool) and taking some time to clean my laptop. I finally peeled off the peeling sticker, blew out her keyboard with a can of air, shined up the case, double checked the battery, and whipped off the touch pad. It’s funny that now I seem to have much greater speed and control of it hehe.

Some time though I’d like to strip her down and really clean out the keyboard, uhh that sounds strange doesn’t it +S I’m taking about a computer after all 😉