What Do You Have To Say? – Ringing in 2008

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?
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Stuff my face with food (two days of family semi-feast’ish eating hehe)

Blast the music (via headphones when others are near)

Nuke some tangos and rescue hostages with teammates

Code 🙂

And get home work done.

Nice NY eh? Well I’m not actually complaining loool

I’ve actually got almost 3 back tests ready to be sent in for grading.. I’m gettinmg that bloody High School Diploma if I’ve gotta kick myself through it… The working hours are level enough that I can actually do home work now lol. And without having to worry so much…

2008 can’t be a worse year then those that have gone before, the worst events of my life might be classifiable in the 2006-2007 range but the best probably 2004-2005 and even the worst times… Not really that bad compared to some people. I can’t help but wonder what growth and learning the future may offer and the dreams that follow them.

I also wonder just how much ‘alike’ in its own way things might have been back in 1908 in regard to various events and happenings.