Neonic adventure

NPM now has a website set up. It is pretty basic and 2 files plus a stylesheet but gets the job done for now.

I want to see what I can do with the server side scripting so I could move the links menu, header, and footer into their own files to be inserted into the target page. I considered setting up a bare-bones install of a content management system since there is a MySQL database and 100mb storage allowed.

I ruled it out throuhg because the majority of it would just sit unused and that is at least 50MB of files for most CMS’s I’ve bumped into. While I do have experience with the software we use on [SAS] that does not mena I like it, I don’t think there is a CMS that I would want to use unless there was going to be enough volume of work to warrent it. I tried several demos of various PHP based CMS systems online, Drupal, Typo, Joomla, Xaraya, eZ Publish, e.t.c. I didn’t partictually like any of them but Xarya and Ez Publish looked quite nice but still overkill for this.

I also began checking in some of the more complete modules from NPM into the code repository on source forge.

As far as the web site goes, the only major additions I have planned for the near future is a planned features page, contact form, adding a link to my blog from page 2, and a note on fetching the sources from the svn. I also would like to get a mailing list setup.

My only complanit so far, it took me 6 hours to create the website — most of it done when my family was finally ‘out of the house’ for awhile, and all in all the job should have taken less then 45 minutes for me… That is how much damage constant interuptions, dogs barking, birds screaming like hell, fetch this and thats, phones ringing, peoples TV’s blasting my ear drums away, and the other general commotion going on in this rat-hole causes… Trying to work here is like pulling a fat man through the eye of a needle unless everyone here but me is sound asleep…

*sighs* is it any wonder I’m awake until I pass out from lack of sleep when I’ve got ‘work’ todo?