svn commit vs straight jackets

Made a bombing run across the code for wrapping pkg_info, the stuff to right click a program and delete it is still mock-up. But I’ve fixed the display of programs. Before when I had initially written it back in December I used a mish-mash of operations on links and arrays to rip off the version # and description from pkg_info’s output because I didn’t have time to learn Pythons Regular Expressions. Which of course I had to learn the regular expressions module like 2 weeks later but I never had time to revisit that.

I converted it to use regular expressions so it can solve the known issue that some of the entries displayed in the names and versions columns would be ‘cut’ wrongly. An exception handler was there to report any ones that failed the operation (and would display wrong). Because of the change to regular expressions that’s fixed and the exception handlers are mostly there to catch any errors I might make before the file grows more mature.

I’ve also tried to adjusted it so that a non displayed column is used to hold a complete reference to the programs name-version suitable to use plg_delete on. For the sake of those that don’t know what prog-foo installed does I should add a column between it and the versions that will display the short descriptions given by pkg_info; minor change.

I imported about 1/3 to 2/4 of my most stable files into the SVN Repository. And I think I can import most of the others in the testing/alpha2 directory. Before starting t his move to SVN. What I did was create stubs in my ~/code/Python/src/neo directory. And make a testing directory there for scratch tests and things because I still had many modules in Pythons standard library to learn and knew zilch about Qt programming.

The Alpha1 directory was made as a place to start compiling code that could begin to form the basis of an Alpha release. The Alpha2 directory was forked off from the Alpha1 directory to build more quality to it and iron out more ideas. I still personally consider NPM as pre-alpha because it has yet to be made a full program beyond the near complete mockup in the Alpha1 directory.

For the SVN Repository, code is being taken from the Alpha2 directory on the laptop and imported into the trunk. My intention is to make use of the branching/tagging features to prepare an alpha release from the current code when it is ready. So there is no need to use the directory structure I was using before SVN, because this is Subversion versioning system 😉

Ma kindly reminded me that it was after 0500 in tbe morning so I didn’t take time to finish work on the file before commit, it is still improving though. The only thing that pisses me off is I spent about 10 hours yesterday working on NPM after getting home from work. Between the website and the program code the first 5 hours were almost a washout, the 2nd 5 hours were like 20 * more productive then the first — Oh what difference there is between starting at 1500 and starting at 2400 here…