NPM Code List

A quick list of standing to do’s so I can be sure I don’t miss things, I really should look at using the tracker service on Source Forge for this hehe. But I’d rather spend my time writing the solutions 😉

In no particular order:

  • extend QLineEditdone a different way (for now)
  • do concept drawings of settings dialog
  • integrate logger and options module
  • remove dependency on psearch — it really is that simple a program!
  • fill in stubs for various port actions; install/upgrade/delete and prepair for various capabilities that need further development *wink*mostly done and evolving
  • ability to select items by means not tied to the mouse pointer location
  • consider a better name then port_viewer.pyrenamed
  • begin work on the ground work to begin the German translation
  • performance tests of our background process handling
  • mock up of NPM_MainWindow in style number 2done, minor changes to go (mostly educational advancements
  • gui for cvsup/csup/portsnap operations
  • replace search box and refresh button with tool bar in mock up layout
  • tabbed about dialog, kde-style

S’all I can think of right now. I know I really need to look deeper into Qt’s layout handling and widget geometry related facilities not to mention the coordinate system.