Nights labour

Spent most of the night working on the port searching code and options module. I think the options module is now almost like what I originally envisioned of it. Aside from being integrated into the not yet written settings dialog and no read/write accessor methods wrapping around the configuration dictionary keys.

So far across the various prototypes, tests, and mock ups I’ve written over 3,000 lines of code (wc -l *.py for each directory gives sums adding to >3700L). The way I work I guess is a bit heavy on files but it tests the hell out of things 🙂

So far the current working system is almost 700 lines of Python code. Aside from not being very feature complete yet (for my tastes) I think it is coming along quite nicely and maybe should be marked higher then the pre-alpha status I set on sourceforge… But I guess I have higher expectations of my own work then I do others lol. The > 700 lines of code in the SVN now represents the work done in R&D by the previous coding. One thing I like about SVN and CVS as opposed to manually backing things up with cp/tar is there is no fear about ‘accidentally’ deleting files permanently before they serve their use hehe.

I’m hoping to soon have enough files for a quick snapshot that can handle the basic pkg_* commands and searching the local ports tree. I have tried to keep both the quality of the code and the programs design as high as possible at every phase but I don’t really consider myself a good programmer. Just someone that knows what he wants and can wrap his head around it piece by piece until it all falls into place.

Hmm, why do I feel more like a Japanese Beaver then a Spider right now? Haha/