Neolious coding

Oh baby has tonight been a full head of steam. I’ve been slugging through the options systems and the subroutines for actually doing the installations. A mock up of the style #2 GUI which is one of the ones I posted back in december when I did three different concept drawings. She is almost ready for a live test, I think as soon as I correct the item selection code to work properly (not tied to mouse position) it will finally be time for that Alpha Release, two weeks later then originally planned but hey it’s still is more feature complete on the inside then previously planned for it xD

Here is a screen shot of Neo running during a test run of the mock up from the trunk.

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I solved most of the layout issues and I think it will probably be playing with the spacers and splitters to finish the rest of getting it to ‘look nice’. The main window is hand written but the display dialog is an extended sub-class of a prototype made in QT Designer.

What I am thinking is to have 3 drop-in modules each implementing the NPM_MainWindow class. Where each module implements one of the user interface styles and the programs init code loads the appropriate module. The advantage being the freedom to do any thing desired with the main window, while preserving the rest of things that have been done. Technically user created UI could be allowed to be loaded. I really want to play with the dock window stuff in Qt4… lol.

I need to start setting up the documentation (internal first, then the manual), ironing out the key commands, and setting up for the german translation in addition to my remaining to do’s but all of that is non-critical as far as getting an experimental release out there. I think goal for Beta time would be getting the portsnap/csup/cvsup stuff sorted out and a settings + about + help dialog in the run. A better website design would be nice too… hahaha

I know what I can’t figure out today, I can figure out in the days to come.

Hooah !