R&R The Training Way

Having been successfully stress-increased for the day I hit RvS Custom Mission mode for a little time to cool off. I set it to MP Peaks and took a Walter WA-2000 sniper rifle loaded with .30 Magnum FMJ and a MK23 SOCOM .45ACP with JHP ammo for self defense. 3 Flash bangs and 3 Smoke grenades, meaning 5 magazines of 6 rounds + 1 in the pipe for my Walter and another set of 4 12 round magazines for the sidearm plus one chambered.

The first round I maanged to have a turkey shoot, they kept coming to see where I was hiding only to be gunned down. The volume of the Magnum cartridge drawing more X-Rays to there doom… then I got overrun and flanked trying to retreat under fire to the nearest dead ground. I made a quick run but still got shot in the ass as the enemy ignored the smoke screen.

The second round, I got compromised just moving into position and ended up with about 4 or 5 X-Rays on the hill line itching for hairs.

Within about 1-2 minutes I had expanded as good as 3 magazines from my Walther and I was starting to worry about X-Rays coming around from behind. I worked up the hill and started picking off the enemy, working slowly to the winter lodge.

With about 3 rounds left and maybe one full mag left between me I took fire on the way. I knew with a group of X-Rays aware of me and an active shooter after me with a sniper rifle; you stand, you die.

So I decided again to redeploy but this time I did it the *right way*. I downed the nearest threat, pulled back and puffed a smoke between me and the incoming column.

Then ran like hell for the hills behind me, turned around and drew a bead on the incoming X-Rays. A few more down and off running further back to the bridge and another smoke grenade to screen my retreat. One tango gimped me but I managed to leap from cover to cover: taking position, suppressing, smoking, and running like hell to do it all over again until I limped myself back to the dead ground the bridge passes over.

At least two X-Rays close, one bought it from my current magazines last rounds as he tried fragging along with his teammate. Slung the rifle and slide out flash bang for shock value. The .45 sidearm coming out to finish the job… No point running when you’re already at the most secure place in town eh?

Took down the last threat, reloaded my Walther and moved on with the last 2 or 3 rounds loaded. Moved back to the lodge on one leg finding only one enemy left. who took shelter inside unaware of me.

Closing in with rifle ready, threw a bang into the lodge and went in with my MK23, 2 X-Rays down and the lodge was secured shortly. Back outside I checked the corner to see a shooter dashing close.

Slapped back into cover and went ready with the last of my sniper ammo, one miss and two hits as he lobbed a frag and readied to shoot me before it even blew up !

Good thing I was behind the wall and a pile of logs hehe.

A proper way of retreat though, puff the smoke to screen it. Move away, get some ground, fire back, rinse and repeat until contacts broken or you get a spot to fend them off from. With a proper 2 or 4 man Element it would actually work better. Because you could have a fire group suppress the enemy while a maneuver group jogs it to cover; switch positions with the fire group leaping next as they reload. While the maneuver group lays down the cover fire.

This video shows the concept very well in my humble opinion.

I’m used to doing it in pairs… not solo. Because it was impossible to run full out and fire at an enemy to my rear the smoke was really an essential part of trying to break contact alone.

Now having some one next to me with a nice SAW would have been a good combo with it though 😉