FreeBSD 7 draws near!

I think the word is euphoria hehe.

FreeBSD 7.0 is nearing it’s release with many many improvements, if I was in the business of having huge SMP servers doing lots of databases and network intensive stuff I’d probably have testing going on for months in advance..

Being a single spider, well I’ve yet to test it xD

So far FreeBSD 7 is looking like it is the best software update to hit my radar since Vim gained spell checking support in it’s own 7.x release 😉

Blessed number seven hehe !

I’ve already nearly blown out the walls and then my ears setting the radio ^_^ Celebration time ! Hooyah !

1 thought on “FreeBSD 7 draws near!”

  1. Originally posted on my Live Journal:

    by: jeffr_tech at 2008-02-27 07:43 am (UTC)
    comment: 7.0 is old news. You need to run CURRENT. 😉

    by: sas_spidey01 at 2008-02-27 08:01 pm (UTC)
    comment: I wish I had the time to run CURRENT, for me to do so would mean giving it the time it deserves.To keep up to pace with the changes, test as much as I can, follow the mailing lists, and go poking around in the source code when I hit problems and try and fix them if I can.

    Most of my time working on computers is spent when I'm home from work and should be sleeping instead +S. If I had the time to do all that ^, I would with a smile.

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