Now I’ve dreamed everything

It’s normal for me to have a string of dreams but this last one just takes the cake. I woke up around 1030R and went back to bed…

I dreamed I was a part of a U.S. Army raid on an island to destroy a weapons cache in the middle of World War II. We stormed the house with frags, going room by room. No one there…

Heading up stairs, swapping a M3 Grease Gun with another soldiers M1 Grand we started working throuhg the upstairs.

Kicking in door by door we cleared, I walked point with the M1 rifle… Maybe 30-45seconds later we had secured 5 or 6 rooms with little more man power then that. Moving so quick we didn’t need modern conviences like flash bangs, we even checked the closets for any one hiding but still no one there !!!

And then some one saw out the window and remarked….

They ground up the guns and fed them to the birds, it was all sitting out on the roof :

CCAN YOU GET CRAZIER A DREAM THEN THAT !? Who the heck grinds up weapons and feeds the seagulls with them before the enemy arrives !?

Dissatisfied I kept looking with the captains permission, moving my fire team about determined to until I spotted two troopers loading weapons on the roof… Flung open the window and opened fire with my Grand emptying a magazine but like magic nothing hit, I must be playing to much Raven Shield these days !!

As the alarms raised, was forced to retreat… when I realized I was alone, no one else left. Kept moving through the cleared rooms to find cover as the enemy closed in, only to find an officer… Dropping an apparently useless rifle I dropped to my knees with hands on my head as the Officer shot a round over my head.. To his thanks lol.

I found out every one was captured while we were clearing, winding up in the brig with the rest of the squad we started planning how to escape from our cells and carry on the mission. But I woke up before we got beyond the underground brig :

Now I’ve dreamed just about everything loool.