So close, yet so farfetched.

I’ve begun implementing Style 1 for NPM’s user interface but it is much less functional then style 2. I think style 1 is a lot more conventional, it’s based on an idea I had a long time ago. After I installed Qt3 bindings for Ruby I thought about writing a ports front end with that kind of layout.

I personally like style 2, it has a ‘orthodox’ file manager like style to it, since I’ve never gotten to use such a file manager a lot that might be why I like it lool. I stil need to write the loading code but that won’t be difficult in python.

It is however the most obvious thing in the world to me that as soon as my family is up and about there is not even a snow balls chance in hell of getting further work done.

Which as this case proves, means it’s time to kill some time until bed time… So I can get back to coding in piece and start work on my PC-BSD test machine.

Yet that dream still naggs at my mind….