The nights ramble

Spent some time to night to journal my thought, a brain dump if you will. To place my mind at a computational ease and to execute a back trace upon which to unravel the stack until some sense be made clear.

If I post it here for future reference, it will probably be fed through a caeser cipher with a rotation only those close to me could guess without brute forcing, just enough technological gain over LJ’s privacy controls to out-fox those who would read over my shoulder. I have a little less distinction then most others do between the public, personal, and private separation of things in so far as my life is largely an open book while I remain a skillful one at holding the secrets I have been entrusted within my life time and maintaining operational security for the things that I need secured. Wile yet remaining quite open about myself, as I have almost nothing to hide.

So the issue of posting it with what ever settings is mostly inrelivent because any harm that could be caused by allowing it to be read, would be by those that the task of decoding would be beyond their ability while no security measure available to avoid such a viewing regardless of posting options if it was not to be encoded.

And the closest of my friends generally know of what it would contain, although few among the living know from what rotations I would chose when selecting the key to a Caeser Cipher.

And I look forward to tomorrow, because I will hopefully have the time to play with upgrading the test machine in ways most definitely not supposed or intended by the systems designers hehe.

For now, I need some sleep and I suppose I can forget about the ~/brain-dump.backtrace file for now. I suspect odds are in the future I will add more to it,

 wc brain-dump.backtrace
# lines words bytes file
225 2344 12081 brain-dump.backtrace