Egg on my face

Oh this is a shocker!

I noticed I had one of my quick bookmarks in konqueror that I never finished reading, some thing on command line arguments — a very poor name for a bookmark generally speaking.

So I opened it in another tab and parsed it at my usual rapid pace. Gradually I started lookinf around at other stuff on the site, intrigued by some of the other things I found, even things noted about the design of termcap/terminfo, fetchmail, gcc, etc and decisions involved with the problems the developers had to solve. About a half an hour and almost 3 chapters later and figuring it was probably some (good) book gifted to the WWW by a universities CS department I finally clicked the ‘home’ button and felt like popping myself in the head when I realized what I had been reading a mirror of:

The Art of Unix Programming

I remember I was reading it last year but I never had time to finish it. Hmm, I wonder where I left off? It is a very fine book but unfortunately not one I was able to inhale in my spare time :. I might be a strange person but when I find a good book, it usually makes a transition from eye to brain at a rate of 50-120 pages a day xD, time and energy permitting of course.

It’s a book I’d fully recommend for any one interested in problem solving or engineering’ish thinking.