Finally a good day of sort.

slept in till 1400, nice considering the rest of the weekdays I have/will be getting up early :

Been toying around with Getopt::Long in Perl for a little ‘toy’ that I’ve had on the brain, worked on it a bit in my spare time. I’m used to working with tar, even gzip/bzip2 directly but occasionally have to work with zip/rar files and I find that I always need to look up the switches to use. So I was thinking about a script that would apply a uniform usage-style accross a varied set of such programs (tar inspired of course). I thought about using pax as a standard program, because for most stuff that I use I’ll generally leave it at TApe aRchives and skip the compression but I find generally speaking that using the pax utility is *annoying compared to the alternatives (when they work of course). KDE has an archiver program called Ark but I find it works poorly with /large/ archive files several hundred megs thick and there is no command line utility that I know of that has built in support for every format and runs both on NT and *Nix, the best I found in a short look require the Bourne Again Shell.

Enjoyed a few rounds on TG#1 with Jonsi and Rct Spawn. It’s good to get back into action again, I havn’t really played or trained much this week because of work. And I’m really looking forward to doing a training session on observation and marksmanship skills this weekend. I also managed to pop in to TG#3 and join Duke, Dallers, Chester, and the gang for a few before the DSL dropped out as usual.

I really wish I could tell Bellsouth to go suck an egg.

I think if I can find a day to do it and some time to print out the Gez Admin Mods command reference I might be able to setup a quick live op. I remember we have a hunt missing MI5 Programmer and a Russian Terrorist Cell on our Live Operations board that are still waiting for the green light. You know, the government should pay me for ideas lol, some of the live ops I concoct for our training are first rate !

For tonight, hmm on the basis of what hits me first. I need to get some stuff done that I told Gerard I’d take care of him on the documentation front. There’s the Perl script I’ve been toying with, and the age old issue of organizing my music collection +S

Every time I organize the damn thing I break my playlists, every time I update my playlists I usually spend more time either rebuilding them or s/search/replace/’in’g the entries instead of listing. What I really think would be best is if I just find or write a quick tag editor, use that to organize stuff. Then combine a script and a library to organize files according to the tags and regenerate my playlists when ever it is run.

I’m also thinking about switching to either MPlayer or VLC as a dedicated omni-purpose media player. The advantage of course being that they both run on any OS I’m likely to need them and can play darn near any thing ;-).

The only problem is I am used to Amaroks collection browser and playlist interface lol. I don’t really need much more then the basic features but aside from a handful (xmms/winamp, mplayer, vlc, amarok, kaffine) I’ve never really found a single Media Player that I am universally happy with but I suppose that is just the natural. One thing that I do like very much about MPlayer is there is a command line interface (very powerful one at that) and you can basically choose from any of several GUI Frontends, which I do really prefer to use for video operations but to be honest I’ve generally had better luck with VLC for DVD playback.

Hopefully work will get done before I loose concentration…