finally some peace and quite..

all but barricaded here since the laundry racks full most of the room. But people have finally let me be, it’s nice to be able to hear myself think again. Possibly I think to much but it is about the only real freedom I have in life next to the right to have my own opinion.

When the house is so loud you can’t even hear the freaking radio without maxing out the volume you know you have a problem! And I normally wear headphones so as not to disturb people.

Humbug.. figures that the second I open my mouth they start again.

Oh what fun it would be to just get out and go to the beach, damn it I haven’t been to one in years.. I really miss Florida some days, not the heat but other things. It was home for half of my life, I still consider myself a [displaced] Floridian at heart.

Hmm, maybe with a little luck people will STFU in a few hours and I can concentrate on getting stuff done if this headache subsides. On a normal day I can here them from upwards of 10-15 metres outside.. So it’s still loud in my room. At this rate I’m going to have to sort out a very loud playlist soon and skip the radio :

A good nights sleep, no family-included headache, and a trip to the beach — my idea of vacation.

Hmm, todo list:

  1. Add compress level handling for gz/bz2’d tarballs to mak and a –pass-args switch
  2. Finish that doc for Gerard
  3. Finish converting/updating/rewriting SOPs for SAS
  4. Some work on NPM would be nice — overdue * 210
  5. Still need to port the next chapter of my book to TeX source

I wonder which will hit me first and what if any thing will actually get done in this rats-nest before the clock strikes 2300. Hell… Even if I enlisted at least I’d be waking up by 0430 for BCT rather then going to *bed* at 0530 for Pete’s sake!.

Can’t even get **** done in my own home… Unless I’m the only moron awake.