I’m now a GMail Convert

I’ve now mostly completed my transition to Google Mail, the issues I’ve been having with POP3 Fetch mail on Ippimail seem to be a bit derailing of late… So I’ve got every thing set up to the GMail account now including my primary address (ippimail). If it ever can be fixed I can always transition back over.

I rather like the Squirrel Mail software that is used at Ippimail because I’ve worked with it before and they have a very nice theme. But I’ve got to admit, GMail is quite nice… I do however miss the ease of opening like 3 or 4 E-Mails in different tabs simultaneously with Ippimail though but I love the labels system in GMails software.

The spam folder is also about 5 to 8 orders of magnitude more full then Ippimails!!! But so far the filtering system works excellently just like googles search engine. I’ve had nothing put there that wasn’t spam yet and I’ve yet to see any thing penetrate the standard filters. I remember years ago I once tried Hotmail and felt like it was being placed on the world wide spam r us list :. I guess that’s impossible to avoid with any common services (hotmail, aol, yahoo, gmail, mail.com, etc) but hotmail back then at least was totally ridicules. At least GMail is doing a good job with the filters hehe.

Now that my Webmail problem is sorted out I guess it’s just the instant messengering one to fix. It would be so awesome if I could get a decent multi-protocol instant messenger that I didn’t dislike; I consider Pidgin and Kopte both cases of “foo sucks less”.

I have an XFire, an M$N, an AIM, an YIM, an ICQ, and even LiveJournals Jabber/GTalk features but I’m usually unreachable via XFire on my laptop and normally only on the others on my laptop. It would be awesome to be able to use each ! All the better without having to run Windows XP in the process or hack up FreeBSD’s Linux ABI to much to run the software.

Kopete and Pidgin both suck horribly for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as well and I’m usually on several channels off irc.freenode.net. Which is why I’ve got Konversation on my laptop and X-Chat on my XP machine… Most of my friends use either AIM, MSN, or both. Still running 2-3 programs (xfire, irc, rest) is a total pain in the butt. I suppose it beats the 7 I would need if it wasn’t for applications like Kopete….

Oh wellz, back to the code.