Hmm could this be the solution to my problems ?

sshfs -o uid=MyLocalUID -o gid=MyLocalGID $USER@$VECTRA: /tmp/mnt

$VECTRA is an environment variable that expands to the address of my file server.

I was able to access my remote users home directory (the one on $VECTRA) through the /tmp/mnt folder on my laptop ($DIXIE)

My local User ID and Group ID #’s on this system are the defaults setup when I installed PC-BSD, don’t recall if I had an option to set them. On my file server where I used adduser my UID/GID reflect my DOB so they needed to be remapped. Once I did that I was able to work on the files through a mount point I own, and

as expected the trusty umount command worked (of course you can’t be using the files while trying to un mount them)

fusefs-smbnetfs in ports is another thing I want to look at, because SMB is suitable for the windows clients just as much as sshfs is for my lapto… Only I care more about my laptop having *good* integration 🙂

On windows I don’t have a problem with SMB shares because it’s fairly integrated with the system, and I use a file manager for manipulating files… The cmd.exe is just to wasteful, it is the worst terminal emulator slash shell I have ever seen! Heck I’d rather confine my self to /bin/sh lol.

On my laptop, I usually do file management through my shell. I don’t use an external mouse, just the touch pad so you could say it’s in my best interests to make use of keyboard friendly designs ;-). I spend most of my time using a shell and utils for file management… So KDE’s integration with SMB Shares (almost as good as Windows and without the lockups).

mount_smbfs requires running as root because of what it has to do, that’s not acceptible to me although possibly I could rig my laptop for a passwordless sudo mount_smbfs but I don’t consider that an acceptable method whether it would work or not.

I’d like to be able to move parts of my home directories to the server. That way I can offload the current versions of my Music, Video, and Image files. I could even move my Documents and code directories which would be nice, right now I’ve been in a bit of a pesky situation.

tar -cf /tmp/foo.tar foo && scp /tmp/foo.tar $USER@$VECTRA:/srv/smb/Files/

So I can work on files from my windows machine, and just tar them back up and scp them over on the laptop later. A poor work around…

I need to test the fusefs-smbnetfs port, either way I know what I want. And to be honest I don’t have a problem with using sshfs for my laptop and smb for my desktop as long as I can get every thing working properly. Using sshfs on the laptop instead would also mean no need to change my laptops firewall configuration.

I just need to see how they handle a network failure….

My file server is usually online but not always, so I’d be hesitant to put my entire home directory on it. And even then, because of my shitty internet connection I often have to do a power cycle on the modem and some times the router every few weeks… So that is a factor that needs to be considered.

And actually, that might be a good way to _test_ it out !

Just not on my laptops home directory xD