Personal forum signature

A little thing I’ve wanted to do for awhile now… Make myself a decent signature. Generally on [SAS] forums I just use my XFire block (required) and a link to my live journal. Other places, gaming wise I usually clone my sigblock from my E-Mail and convert the 22nd [SAS] EVR part to a link to our home page.

I’m really not a sig crazed person lol. I was looking through the Sigs folder in my saved images. I have all of the ones I’ve used, mostly made by two of my friends that used to be heavy into that stuff. And a few of their own that I thought worth saving as mementos.

So I set out to create one myself:

Prototype #7

My first self-made signature

Prototype #9

After friends comments

I had screwed up and couldn’t get it as I wanted it, so I over laid parts of the background on top of the face. Although I thought it made sense to it that way, I really think #9 looks better.

The solider is Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and the woman is “Ivy” Valentine from Soul Calibur.

Both game series and the characters have meaning to me, and I think for my mind this is a good combination. I don’t really expect any one but me to understand it, if I did I probably wouldn’t have bothered making it.

Whoever wins, the battle does not end.
The loser is set free from the battlefield,
while the winner must remain there.
And the survivor will live out his life
as the warrior until the day he dies.

— Big Boss, 1990, in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

A specter of this past…