SOPs and the screaming running dashing SNCO team

A relatively full day…

I’ve spent most of the day working on the SOP rewrites with my peers, I wish we could have them done in days… but I don’t know if we could pull that off.. or if I’d still be standing afterwards.

We got a major section done, I’ll read about what the other SNCOs have to say tomorrow. I need to get the Preface, Intro, and RoE fixed tonight and we got maybe 5 sections done today. Tomorrow, I guess a review of the next two parts with there assoicated (~6) sections.

Rasa and I spent most of the day in my office, when he dropped for the night he said it had been 5 hours… I barely could tell :

I only know two ways of doing things, sit on my duff or work till I drop… No in between. I guess maybe I do tend to take things to extremes but how else to get’em done?

And Ma hasn’t been feeling good so I’ve been hoping, skipping, and jumping a lot whenever she needed something. Next time I say I’m going to do some thing all day even if I get a sore ass — I’ll keep my mouth shut lool. Despite the hyper business, headaches, and multitasking (~5 chat windows, 3 browser tabs, music, etc) it’s been quite productive.

My family generally knows my own SOP, if I love you I’ll do *almost* any thing short of breaking most of the Ten Commandments. So nothing I can do on that matter lol.

At least I’ve been sleeping… Instead of going to bed like 0700 in the morning it’s been more like 0430 which is a lot better. Honestly I’m not sure what is worse, knowing it’s an all-nighter when a British radio station is in the middle of the morning Zoo or your own regular radio station starts doing the morning on the way to work stuff !!!

And I did eventually make it into TG#1 for a little Rvs, The Baroness got me in and being the [SAS] Magnet she seems to be. We soon had a nice couple of rounds, JB, Random, Spawn, the pubs and I think even Valroe joined the fray after I left.