Tried laying down, no help.

Noshing on rice crispy treats and mini-hershey’s bars on the other hand works 🙂

At least it gets my brain cells back in shape any way.

Independence Day is on, so there is at least *one* good thing on TV. Beigining a systematic transfer of files from my laptop to the file server,to be completed with archiving the local copies before going with a more permanent mounting solution.

I’ve got the laptop setup to mount them via sshfs and the desktop via smb.

I’ve got plenty of shit to do, but I don’t feel like doing any thing… I can’t stand sitting around doing nothing either though :

I guess it’s a fair reason to look into some method of organizing my music files in a manor I can live with :

Hmm, official to do list…

SOP Rewrites
TeXLive 2007 PBI/Port?
Vi User Howto
The book
And… the rest in due time.