Writer’s Block: No Laughing Matter

What do you think is too serious to joke about?

Live Journals Writer’s Block

That is a good question… Will figure out an answer when one hits <_<

Hmm, laughing matters, I’d describe myself as some one that has to be free to crack jokes as I see them. I’m not really happy unless I’m free to laugh; even if I have some what of an off beat sense of humour at times. I keep most of it to myself, because I doubt any one else would find half of what I do funny… If they did, GOD help us all haha!

I’d say I’m the type that will either cry with, or try to crack a smile instead but will probably have to run like hell before she punches me in the face for trying to make her laugh >_>.

That’s just who I am….

There are only a few things that I’d really consider a matter to skip all pretense or sense of humour about. Probably all of which would fit into the kinda category that if I wasn’t a Christian, some one would be praying the police arrive on scene before I do.

I’m not a violent person no venom glands either I guess but there is a limit to how much I will stand for. I think I could forgive almost any thing done to me… Perhaps more then a lot of others that I know could forgive but — you don’t hurt those close to me.

You fuck with them, you’re fucking with me and I’m not one to fuck with.

If some one laid a finger on my friends or family, the gloves would probably be coming off. Despite my normal philosophy against hurting people, I’d sooner knock a few lights out then sit by letting some one I care for get seriously miss treated. I guess things in that light are the no laughing matters for me.

For some reason a scene from Good Fellas comes to mind: the one where he pistol whips the prick next door 🙂

The character of henry might have been a crook but he did the right thing. He was called, he went as soon as he could, he was there when needed… Although he didn’t have to beat the crap out of the guy, I can’t blame him for it either. Two things that I can’t stand for in this world are mistreating women and abusing children and I have no respect for anyone that does either.

It is indeed a good thing that Vengeance is the LORDs to exact and not ours…

If I was Ray Liotta’s character [Henry] in Good Fellas I would have been very tempted to go kneecaping instead of pistol whipping. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six has a nice description of what the PIRA guys [which later ambushed team Rainbow & family] used to do to drug dealers hehe. It was a quite painful although non-lethal use of ones sidearm but it was enough to make dealers think twice about selling dope again in that neck of the woods; especially if they couldn’t limp away fast enough.