A funky nightmare… Well, nightmare in the sense that it’s that kind of dream, but not very scary to me.

Unarmed and bare foot, moving through the muddy grounds around a large building with a teammate.

Made some comment about being careful not to step on any ones graves.

Linked up at the front of the building with two others and got equipped.

One handed me a large pistol, a Sig Sauer P226 with a very high capacity magazine. I know the military model can load 15 rounds in a magazine for the 9x19mm version, in RvS the more compact P228 still crams 27 rounds with a high capacity mag over the standard issue 13+1 rounds.

Gained entry and locked ourselves in the building, started poking around.. Seemed it was expected of me to take charge so I organsed us into an Element. One operator, the one that passed me the Sig Sauer took up overwatch on a large open stairwell area going to a lower level. While I took #2 EL in a formation of three, with a large Rear Guard and a female Point.

We started clearing the nearby rooms, stealth to first contact but going full dynamic speed on room entries. We didn’t use Flashbangs for fear of setting off alarms.

In one room we took down there was a crying child, I’m thinking ok.. live one, rescue op: tag’em, pump for intel, and move on.

Only it wasn’t alive what ever it was. It was very sad, offered no real usable information or coherency. Point took her sidearm and shot it in the face, no blood no nothing.. Just a ghostly fade… Funky !

So with a spooked Point I formed us back up in the hallway to check out the next rooms, cleared most with only a few more ghostly contacts. All of which would moan and fade out a bit after being shot.

Moved us into another area, I could see two avenues of attack if we moved through it. So I ordered Point and Rear Guard into the ‘mouth’ of the path while I flanked along the other side to scout for enemies. No contacts but a good chance of crossing their line of fire and getting myself shot, so I reported in and had Rear Guard (#3) move up so I could pull back a bit and rejoin #1.

#3 moved out into the open and we took fire, at least I think it was gun fire. Like a bright white light, maybe some kind of energy weapon or some thing super natural but enough to penetrate walls and warrant taking cover!

Point and I were pinned down in the barrel I hoped to avoid getting us shot up in while Rear Guard was out on the balcony dancing and suppressing. I flanked around and went to help, I could see shooters on the roof tops nearby and put rounds out but I knew we had to get back to cover.

Ordered the retreat: I made it, Rear Guard didn’t… Lost my own M16 in the process but I managed to scrounge about for a FN P90, off a corpse maybe. Regrouping with Point we found out that #4 was gone with out a trace…

Got ambushed by a half-ghost, half-zombie like humanoid and a mummified cat of some sort. Point nearly got strangled, managed to take the zombies head off and we unraveled the cat with plenty of P90 fire between us and I took it down with the P226. That was just freaky man.

With more ghostly like zombie things closing in and with a shell shocked Point from the lack of air, emptied the P90 and some of the Sig Sauer into them for some cover then I grabbed Point by by the scruff of her flak vest and took off running for the lower level. With the intention of breaking contact with the enemy and going to guerrilla tactics if necessary to survive.

Strange dream :

While things like being trapped in Hill House or even a Resident Evil like situations occasionally come up in nightmares… But it’s very rare that I’m ever armed and able to defend myself, let along having an Element for back up.

And it is even more rare that I ever dream of doing room clearing lool.

Maybe I just need more sleep…. Went to bed around 0400 last night and I don’t think I fell asleep until like close to 0600 or some thing.d