Breaking the new Training Grounds

Got to play ab it solo on the new TG#1, didn’t want to have a slot opened for m e on PG#1 just for a couple games.

Latency and Ubisoft proved to be both friend and foe as usual, finding a tango standing on top of a table didn’t throw my aim off any. Put a burst square in his mid section (~4rnd), saw him jerk from the hits but died with no rounds hitting him 8=), even got shot (even with my cam jerking) in another round without getting injured from it lol.

RvS is a pile of horse crap, how on earth could any one dare ship a game like that. The amount of buggy doors and corners, even in the professionally created maps is tremendous. If I worked on Raven Shields development team, I think I would’ve resigned from the project rather then let my name go on the credits…

And much to the games credit I appeared to shoot a tango through a wall 🙂

RvS is the only game you can have a threat at 2 metres, put 5 rounds into a group smaller then a stomach, and have all 5 rounds hit the wall directly behind the tango ^_^

One thing I really like about RvS though is the admin functions, way better then SWAT4. Even with the Gez Mod RvS has a better admin system, but the code is even worse on stability.

It’s also nice that I can turn off my reticle and just use the weapon in the player characters arms as a reference instead. Engagement distances in RvS are usually short or long, often within 10 or 15 metres unless they are far away: far enough that an assault rifle is preferable that is.

At that range, aiming without iron sights or cross hairs is pretty easy.. With a little pratice even targets at ~20-25 metres are doable. The more you know your weapon the easiser it is, like me. I could use the MP5A4 blind folded in RvS, I don’t even need to look at the bean counter any more.. I can feel how many bullets have been fired.

I wish I could play SWAT4 online with the reticle off, the cross hairs are a nicer blue then RvS’s red and actually do reflect your aim and accuracy. In Raven Shield, I’ve always disregarded the rets as having any thing to do with point of impact, they mean almost nothing… So why bother using them? I train with both rets on and rets off, been a few months since I turned them on.. Now I’m starting to be able to chuck grenades with the same accuracy as with the rets off.

In SWAT, you rets show a lot about how your point of impact will be. I’d still like to go without them though because really you shouldn’t need them unless the enemy is far or you need a more precise shot. And in that case you should be using the weapons sights any way, not the shitty zoom-focus on the aiming reticle that RvS and SWAT4 use any way.

One thing I like about firing on Full Auto, is complete control of the trigger. Want one round? Easy, need 20? Ok no problem. Typically I fire 2 to 3 rounds per burst and will increase to 4-6 rounds as necessary to bring down the tango. It’s very easy to fire off a few sets of 2-3 rounds, much better then firing off like 5 rounds in a single burst.

SWAT4s MP5 lacks full auto and the UMP and AKM have their rates of fire set to pathetically unrealistic values. All weapons in SWAT4 were balenced on the grounds that a modifier of 1.0 Burst Rate Factor == ~600 Rounds Per Minute (RPM).

Following that line of reasoning, the M4A1 is given a burst rate factor (BRF) of 1.5, roughly equal to 900 RPM. The real M4A1 Carbine has a cyclic rate of fire between 700 and 950 RPM as far as I know, a good balance for a game. The AK47 will kill you in one round if fired from a suspect (1-2 if you are shooting them), while you need 2-4 rounds with the quick firing M4.

The UMP on the other hand has a BRF of 0.55 yielding approx 330 rounds per minute. The UMP is supposed to have a rate of fire on par with 600 RPM, making it horrible unbalanced, except by it’s powerful cartridge in SWAT4.

However the burst rate factor is handled I doubt it reflects well on real life. I remember for a Mod, I once recalibrated all weapons in SWAT4 to use real world bullet mass instead of the overweight rounds in SWAT4… Which was a left shift of two or three digits kind of off track, heck it would be like shooting grapefruit instead of bullets lol. luckily the weapons were already calibrated for the real world muzzle velocities.

Recalibrating the game settings to model real world factors, based on Unreal Engine units was totally destructive. Resulting in a long stream of dirty tricks to get the bullets ‘lethal’ again. I always knew the systems they used were horrid for modeling real world ballistics but when JHP rounds are going so fast the pass through a target without doing any damage and kept going until they hit some thing impossible to penitrate in the game engine, YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A PROBLEM !!!! The JHP ammo was more FMJ like then the FMJ ammo was after that test haha.

I’m no expert in physics but it doesn’t take much understanding to tell the Unreal Engine as configured in SWAT4 is worthless, retarded at best for any dream of realistic shooting.

I’d love to study physics some day, that kidn of stuff interests me. But I know as long as I’m living here, with my family around trying to learn any thing ‘interesting’ in that regard would be a headache and learning as good as in one ear out the other.

Just like in games, give me a sniper rifle, a mark to shoot at, and a secure firing position, and I’ll hit the mark. Give me some thing I’m interested in, a proper working environment, and I’ll inhale the fucking thing!

Give me a sniping position with every SOB and his dog trying to blow it sky high and I probably will be to busy to hit the mark, same case living here….