Hahaha I think the Windows Recycle bin must have a size limit.

I’ve been cleaning and organising the files on my XP machines desktop, moving most to the recycle bin, \vectrabackups or other file shares on the OpenBSD box (Vectra).

What is probably several hundred files (recursively of course) and more then 5GB of crud later, there was only the last 3 files I deleted, and I have not emptied the thing in months either >_>

My Desktop is down to the shortcuts to my RvS and S4 installations, a folder for downloading files to, recyclebin, my computer. and flock icons.

My RocketDock on the other side though has a CPU monitor, My Computer, Network Places, Flock, GVim, Winamp, RvS, S4, TS, Pidgin, XFire, PuTTY, and Gimp shortcut in the doc. One thing I like about using a doc is Raven Shield doesn’t dis-sort them on me hehe.

Needless to say, cleaning up the Doc is the next phase loool.