Musings of an RSM.

Well, I expect I’ll probably get flamed over it but I’ve posted a WARNO in the SNCO forum.

I need to know exactly what is going on so I know just how much needs to be done. Perhaps my tone and style of writing is not the best for the situation, never has been one of my strong points for that matter. I think it serves the purpose well though, warno := helps me to order my thoughts and instructions in a manor for others to read and understand without a headache trying to figure them out.

The selection of a “warning order” I think was also appropriate, it’s advance warning of coming instructions and providing as much information and instruction as I can now. It’s also a point of fact that we need to get going hehe.

Once every thing is done, I want to grab the SSMs, sit down, discuss it and work on an OPORD (Operations Order), get with any Sgts who have more to say. Once that is done, type set the operations order and issue it. I figure it is probably the best way for me to handle the situation. I’ve mentally alotted about a week for start and a week for finish, after that.. If nothing comes in I guess it is RSM from hell time.

Because, whether I like it or not (and I don’t) I need to make sure things are running smoothly and push things in the proper direction as necessary… I want to make sure of where we are on the map before I push, to hard or softly… One thing I do want to do and Noer seems to be a step a head of me is a consistency to what we teach. I want as part of the OPORD or an attachment to it, a listing of every thing ‘big’ on that issue and boiled down to it’s simple form for routing through the SNCO and NCOs.

I could write that part in 5 minutes, have it type set in another 5, but I want to make sure nothing is missing from our current environment.

I am not going to sit and watch another generation of [SAS] Members face the same things mine had to during training… As the motto I would put on my sigblock if I could (bloody forum rules and all). Lead me, follow me, or get the fuck out of my way.

In this case I think we probably have a better group for getting the tasks we need done done, then we have since Randoms time as Cpl loool.