Well after a bit of work the system is now fully operational and I can pass out >_>

Managed to get to bed at a nice early post 0415, only for a crazy set of dreams. I dreamed that my allergies were so bad I could barely breath and my throat so dry it was choking me to death. Yet as much water as I drank, it was as if it never touched my tongue :

It’s kind of strange but when I dream, I usually know I’m dreaming pretty quickly so I wasn’t afraid just uncomfortable.

Transition to leading a SEAL team on an dockside assault with an M4 in hand and MP5 slung. Sent the team below while I took down the ships bridge, left the ‘abnormal’ terrorist leader with a few 9x19mm in the head after I figured out a way around the personal engey shield and regrouped.
Some talk about a dead mans switch and time to evacuate. The SEAL team pulled out while I went to check on the status of the lower level, only to find the NSA and Nurses tending to the hostages.

Transition yet again to being stuck in the middle of the desert with just a pistol in each hand, Tomb Raider style and a bet on who makes it out of their first. Only to end up with a psycho-path trying to get there first, a fairly attractive brunette in toe but horriabley useless in a gun fight in the race to the LZ lol.

Dang man, I have strange dreams lol.

My allergies have not been to bad today but I haven’t eaten much all day… There is nothing to take, even the stuff that comes most highly recommended doesn’t do squat. Most of them are just 10mg of loratadine which is pretty useless IMHO. With the way I’ve been feeling I think a decongestant might be helpful but not exactly worth the price tag. I can’t wait for winter to come back !!!!!!!!!

I’ve spent most of my time working on the laptop and chatting with friends. Still havn’t gotten much done today of productive use. Next on my list is restoring TeX Live from backup which I can do tonight. If Martínez ever gets back to me about the PBI Testing ftp server I might be able to get a TeX Live PBI set ready to rock & roll, it’s a little to freaking big for any of the places I have storage on >_>. Once a working PBI is out, I can try and see what I can do about making a port of it once the PBI’s out of my hair.