Been in my usually hyper-jumping multi-tasking state as usual.

I’ve had enough IM windows open simultaneously of late between friends, business, and other matters to be aiming for a new personal record. It’s a good thing I didn’t expect to get much done as Virtual WO1 on day 1 or day 2 looool.

Some times my systems load is light, at the least I usually will have a web browser, instant messenger, and a command prompt open some where (local or network). Other times even on my desktops 1600×1200 resolution screen space can be hard to get hehe.

That’s just the way I am though, I’m usually avail about 14-18 hours a day or more depending on working hours lol. Most people know, don’t call me, messenger me ! One thing I do love about IMs over phone calls is you don’t have to respond instantly, and you the message buffer handles incomings between AFK spikes… It’s sort of necessary with the way life at home is lol.

A few things on my agenda are already in the works… Most of which do to with things with the new AoR in [SAS] and the SOP Rewrites. You could say taking over a larger scope of things calls with it a bit of nose poking around hehe. With the SOPs I’ve been trying to get work done & keep the RSM informed.

Another thing I would like to do is find some time to learn Perls OO features. I’m no real fan of Object Oriented programming although I believe it is just a means of doing the right things a certain way. In this case it really is just the simple fact that I don’t know much about Perls Object Oriented syntax and I’m not interested in waiting for Perl6 to learn it lol.

For me Perl is getting to be kind of like an old friend in the tool chest, like a trusty hammer or a favorite screw driver. I often find my self using Python, Perl, and Ruby for scripting tasks or random programming that I either can’t use some thing else for or just don’t have time/energy for using another language for.

And for languages and tools I often put to work, I like to know them like a well read book 😉

What can I say but I love to learn!