Having dived down the rabbit hole an RSM and landed a Warrant Officer Class 1 in Wonderland, I know the red pill was the best choice.

I’m not really sorry to see the RSMs post go, it is really a lot less to worry about. I still have responsibilities but of a different nature, the one thing I really do like about the WO1 task set is the potentional jack of all trades nature it holds.

Some people don’t do things by halves, including me. I know many things but am master of few, yet I often study well beyond my skill sets own domain.

I’ve been transferring as many files as I think relivent over to our new RSM but I havn’t had time to formally report for my own orders yet. Now being the most healthy one here I’m stuck on the on call every 2 minutes at the drop of a pin instead of ht emore normal 5 minutes :-(. First time I’ve seen my mother throwing up in almost 20 years, whether she has a cold or not I know I’m only with allergies. Ended up with blood in the output of one of my allergy attacks today, not sure if that is a good sign or a bad sign but I know one thing — my sinuses feel a hell of a lot better !

With luck the down time won’t be to much… I’m usually like a butler around this house any way :. I’m not exactly the best person for the job imho but there is no other course of action. What would my family do if I didn’t act the way I do…. lol.