Melon Popping through BF2

Some recreation for the day hehe: found decent infantry only server of BF2 running my favorite city map. Rotated between weapons as I usually do when I’m not in a squad that is ‘serious’, eventually wound up as a Squad Leader going helmet popping with a Accuracy International.

I had a couple major runs, just found a nice covered spot and started sighting targets. After pushing the ammo counter to it’s limit I racked in a Veteran Sniper Combat badge +S. Normally I aim for centre of mass, some times the heart or lungs of a target specifically when sniping. But I usualyl go for a head shot when dealing with a threat, in BF2 I find them quite easy to manage on other snipers in particular.

It’s rare though that I usually stream though targets like that though, like 20 some rounds and almost as many kills later I’m still sniping lol. Given a good mark to shoot at, a secure firing position, I’ll usually be able to hit what ever I can see… Having to do that while every one and their dog is trying to shoot you, is a different story >_>