R&R, Day One

Been playing a lot of halo latly, on Heroic it’s actually not that much harder then I remember playing it on normal when I first got the game lol. The legendary mode is good stuff but I set it this way so I could relax rather then concentrate on the game.

Still no good at pushing the thought stuck in my head out the other side though…

Oddly, I’ve been catching the end of movies lately :

Cought the end of Broken Arrow which is a nice action flick. I can’t help but laugh towards the end, when John Travolta is arming the Nuke on the train and he’s like “F’em if they can’t take a joke”. I would consider a broken arrow and thieves a foot to steal nuclear weapons horrific but the movies well done — I at least enjoy it lol. Besides Face/off I think it’s the only movie I’ve seen directed by John Woo.

Also saw the end of Rebecca, a good classic. Funny how she almost had the last laugh, almost but not quite but she still played them all the fool. The husband killed her thinking she was having another mans child, lover boy thought she was, and in the end she was dying of cancer instead. But told him that, knowing he’d kill her after so much playing around. The witch planned for him to end up in jail for the murder, knowing she was dying any way so why not cheat him one last time?

Managed to drop into Code Name: The Cleaner only 30min into it. I remember catching it one night and felt my interest gaining with the laugher ^_^. It’s hiliarous towards the end when it all clicks into place and the guys like “I knew it, I’m a spy” but he’s really just a janitor having a twist of fate, “He’s right, we’re going to die!” but they still survive lol.

It’s rare that I watch a lot of TV these days, I mostly gave up on it because when ever there was some thing decent on. I usually spent more time doing every thing else around here but watching the movie…. So I count myself lucky when I do get to watch any thing. I love movies, almost as much as a good book but hey few things beat books hehe.Most films that are derived from books, I usually find fall short of the book. The Lord of The Rings being one of the few exceptions, but generally few stand up to the original :. One thing that I think movies really do best, is offer the ability to tell the story visually just as much as verbally, which can be a bit tougher through text.