Getting closer to the flood, I remember when I first got Halo one of my friends was asking me if I had gotten that far yet, and I was like “The Flood, what the hecks that?”. He didn’t want to spoil ot for me so when I finally got to it, I was shouting “MORE AMMO!”. Best part of the game hehe.

Despite best efforts, my family has still mustered enough to give me a good sized headache… So switching from *actually* trying to learn some thing, to killing time, now I’m hopping to make some progress for the day…. It’s like when ever I dare some try and get any thing done. They either find a way to circumvent it, or cause actions to bring others into deraiing it.

!@#$%^ %!(%*Y^!(%^!’s must have radar.

I start, they start; I stop they stop — intentionally or coincidentally this is getting on my frigging nerves.