Killin’ headaches, uhhh aliens…

A little Halo to curve the days annoyances…

Continued off from “If I had a super weapon” on Heroic mode but still found the mission a bit sticky. Almost beat it, using my pistol with a mag & a half to clear the front way and plasma pistol shots to take down the Banshees. Making it to the end of the bridge only to meet a pair of Hunters that gave me a Fuel-Rod kiss off lol.

So… enough of that crud, I dogged it back past the checkpoint into the area I had cleared last time — lots of dead Covenant and a pair of hunters guarding supplies. Ran in there between the hunters, grabbing more grenades, a full stash of pistol magazines, and a health pack ;-).

Ran back out of there dodging between Hunters trying to pancake me but got out without a scratch. That was fun, to bad I didn’t get to slap one on the way out >_>

With the piutol fully loaded, sniped out the Elites on the bridge and kept them from getting into the Banshees. Triggering the hunters to emerge, I dashed back and climbed in, oh man… Dive bombing Hunters and Grunts with a Banshees plasma guns xD

Finished them off and made it to the objective, unlocked the door and gave the Golden sword wielding Elite a plasma missile on the way through 😉

Fighting towards the flood, I actually found a nice trick. The looks quid like floods are dangerous in groups, perfect time for the assault rifle but… The pistol and the shotgun is a bit more useful against the larger floods then shotgun and assault rifle. So what I started to do to conserve pistol ammo, was dancing between flood and when the little critters jump to try infecting the Master Chief, pistol whip’em in mid air. It has to be timed right or they will hit the shields or miss, but it’s fun to time it right and whack’em with the pistol instead of shooting them all.

Left off on The Library, the best part of the game but the start off is a bit rough. Swarms of flood all over and my shotgun traded out for a pistol grr… But I generally find once you manage to get decent weapons. The levels like the most stress-reliving one in the game.

Running, jumping, shooting, and fending off swarm after swarm of zombie like and well armed enemies during one of the most prolonged running gun battles in video-gaming lol.

Just slide into it and relax, good way to clear the brains thoughts for a little while hehe.