Knee deep in flood, shells, and bullets.

Managed to fight through the flood running gun battle levels all the way to Cortana popping up to save the universe >_>

Perhaps it’s just me but I think it was actually harder playing it the first time way back when, rather then playing through on Heroic of late :

Or maybe it’s because I concentrated more on wiping out the flood then just keeping in Master Chief in one piece lol.

If my ISP could keep the (snip) connection working things would be much easier… Made it to 455MB on the last ISO Kriss Moore posted for PC-BSD 7Alpha before it the aDSL finally died.

Why pay for service that works like crap?

I want to get it setup for some testing, the PC-BSD install on my test machine uses a partition that I’ve reserved largely for testing Linux/BSD alpha/beta/release candidates any way so it’s no loss. Later on I also would like to ‘play’ with an idea that needs a fresh FreeBSD-7 install… 😉