overstocked and under budget, yippie ki-ay!

Executed the clothes shopping raid today, took longer then planned 🙁 but I got everything that I wanted (according to plan), got more of it, and while my original budget was $150 I spent a little more then $120 xD

*does the victory dance*

4 jeans, 14 briefs, 8 pocketed T-Shirts, and I hate socks enough to start with that the ones i have can stay lol.

Ripped apart the closet, unscrupulously chucking everything that I ain’t gonna wear, don’t want, or can’t fit in anymore. 7 bags are piled up +S, for donation or trashing it’s outgoing and good riddens !!!!

Also got some Trident gum which is worth while IMHO. Glad that the clothes shopping is over and done with… Next phase is to have an oder placed for that Sennheiser headset — it’ll be nice to be able to talka gain on TeamSpeak.

Since I was under budget I split the remainder and gave part of it to Ma to add to the LORD’s money, and refused to take no for an answer. My Grandmother always used to keep a $100 tucked away in a clip in case of emegency. And she always would end up giving it to my mom whenever things were bad, it’s her goal to someday replace it. It’s been over a decade since my Grandmother passed on but I’m not sure if she’s ever totally replaced it, every time it’s gotten close we’ve always had a financial kidney-punch :. With luck in a month or two it should be at the mark.

The LORD’s been good to me, much better then I deserve… Despite what issues I have with my life, it’s the closest I’m likely to get to tithing with the money I have.

I’ve also posted my ‘two weeks off’ on [SAS]. I figure one week to concentrate on the website, one week to concentrate on the SOP rewrites.

There is really nothing of great importance to get done with the website, anything important is already taken care of :-).The stuff I need to get done, is more the sort of it’s better that it gets done but it won’t kill anyone if it don’t get done, assuming someone remembers why it works as it does in 20 years lol. I could swear… Wiz and I are probably the greatest two morons at this stuff when compared to our predecessors (professional) educations at it. But at least we are trying to make things better, not leave a pile of kludges behind for the next poor sap.

Wiz’s great thing was securing the website, thanks to him it’s locked up tighter then a ticks ass after an all you can eat special. For me the big thing, really is leaving it better then how I found it… I’m self educated but I’m still a programmer, and I’m a lover for engineering and designing things at heart. Some of the things I see make my head hurt, it works but it’s like… If your going to do it, do it right for Pete’s sake.

One thing that I really like about my duties as Warrant Officer Class 1 on the team. Is although I’m more busy then I was as an RSM + Associate Webmaster, as WO1+Webmaster I’m able to work on things that people don’t see. I like that, most of the things I do, no one will ever get to see or know about and if they did, I’d probably have fsck’d it up anyhow. I like being able to work in the background, take care of the unseen ins and outs of keeping the clocks running. But I know, when I’m done… Whoever becomes webmaster after me (I’m not immortal) will hopefully have a well done and easy to maintain website. None of the things Wiz faced when he wound up in the boots, and none of the cruft I’ve got to deal with along with the rest of the Admin Team.

Operation Excalibur will never be what I originally dreamed it to be, but by George it is gonna be completed !

With the SOP rewrites, a lot of it is done.. But it needs to get the finalization work done,hammer it home so GCHQ can review it, hopefully approve it without shouting, and the SNCOs can train the NCOs to train the Trps/Rcts and life can continue. The SOP rewrites have been like my careers work in [SAS], I’ve tinkered with it since I was a humble LCpl… Tried to make a strong effort at it as an SSM when I was now officially allowed to help out with it. And eventually found myself as the only asshole able to oversee it and being RSM, responsible for it getting done.

It’s my goal to do my best to give my team the best set of SOPs that us guys can create… If I was the only writer the SOP Rewrites would’ve been done a year ago but with Rasa’s help these are going to be even better. It’s great that when one of us gets to far out of whack, the other knows how to deal with it lol.

Being the coder of the lot, I’m doing every thing I can to leave the SOPs in a state where it won’t become what my generation grew up with. Stale, out dated, insufficient, and nearly impossible to modify… However good they are that’s how I feel the old SOPs have scaled with the years. That’s what I fight to prevent happening again, you could say I find it comforting to know that half the clan could be hit by a shooting star and our groups tactical heritage will continue on to the younger generations.

And why do I feel so damn old, I’m only going to be 20 in June !!!