Ahh… Almost got everything done for the week.

I need to finish some adjustments to the test bed module and one library module to match changes made tonight and get things that are working back ported to the main. The test bed module will be a cakewalk to adjust, probably will have that done tonight.

I’m itching to move onto my next primary objective… But it will have to wait for another day 🙁

With a wee bit of luck I should have all of my web matters done before Thursday, so I can kick back in TG#3 and PG#1 for a little R&R before moving onto ‘off duty’ week No.2 -> working on the SOP Rewrites.

You know, that is one good part about making like a workaholic with piled up stuff — if you get done early, you get to do something else for awhile xD

 * head hits keyboard, begins to snore loudly